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Industries Served

Commercial Laundry

No other Commercial Laundry Equipment Provider gives you the experience and expertise of Southern Automatic Machinery Company!

“If you own a laundromat, are thinking about buying one, or need commercial laundry equipment, this is the place to go!”

Satisfied Client

Choose Southern Automatic Machinery Company for your Commercial Laundry needs

Southern Automatic Machinery Company (SAMCO) has been a respected commercial laundry company for well over 70 years! That’s right! Since 1948, SAMCO has been meeting or exceeding the expectations of every Commercial Laundry client we have. You just won’t find another company who is willing to go the extra mile for your needs quite like SAMCO, and its team of hard-working professionals. We pledge to remain faithful to your Commercial Laundry needs, long after the initial equipment sales and installation processes.

Most companies just like to take your money and run, but that’s not how SAMCO operates. If we did, there’s no way we would still be a thriving company this many years down the road! For SAMCO, the proof is in the heritage. And we work hard to reinforce that proud heritage every day, with every client we serve. The continued efforts we put into cultivating our own reputation will surely pay dividends for the service opportunities and vaulted reputation of your business, if you choose SAMCO. Call Southern Automatic Machinery Company, discover the SAMCO difference for yourself, and see how our professionals can meet your Commercial Laundry needs! We work hard to make your business work well. We guarantee it! Call or contact us today, and see what SAMCO can do for you!

SAMCO serves your Industry! Call us for all your Commercial Laundry needs!

There are 3 primary classifications of commercial laundry industries served by SAMCO. They include Laundromats, Multi-Family facilities, and On-Premise Laundry (OPL). The OPL category contains many subdivisions, and the Hospitality Industry is often grouped in with Multi-Family Facilities, but most experts would agree that these are the three main commercial laundry business categories. What kind of commercial laundry company do you have? How extensive are your equipment needs? SAMCO can help your company, regardless of how large, small, or enormous your commercial equipment needs are.

If you’re interested in a long-term partnership with a Commercial Laundry Equipment company who really understands your needs, and will follow through until the job is done to the highest level of satisfaction, then you need to call SAMCO today! We promise that no one else will care as much about the success of your coin-operated laundromat, your multi-family laundry machines, your hotel or motel laundry needs, your athletic facility laundry, your hospital or assisted living facility laundry, or any other commercial laundry needs you have. SAMCO is your top choice for a Commercial Laundry Company who really cares about your business. Call or contact us today, and see what SAMCO can do for you!