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Commercial Laundry Equipment

When you need the best Commercial Laundry Equipment, you need the best Commercial Laundry Company around. You need SAMCO!

Since 1948, SAMCO has been your top choice for Commercial Laundry Equipment

You know what it’s like, being in the Commercial Laundry Industry. You know how taxing it can be to work with equipment providers who are just trying to make a quick buck, then leave you in the dust. So when someone comes along who has experience & integrity, and who is interested in a long and beneficial partnership with your company, you take notice. For over 70 years, Laundromat owners, Multi-Family Housing providers, and On-Premise Laundry clients have taken notice of Southern Automatic Machinery Company.

The best Commercial Laundry Equipment from a provider you can count on – SAMCO

SAMCO boasts a wide array of skills and technical knowledge for Commercial Laundry Equipment. As a top-rated distribution, installation, repairs & maintenance provider of industrial laundry equipment, we have to stay on top of all the latest technological advancements, while never forgetting how to fix and maintain the classic equipment that helped carry our industry to this point. We sell, install, and maintain complete systems, as well as individual elements like washers, dryers, and finishers. We also specialize in leasing equipment, offering special lease options which include parts and service over the term of the lease for On-Premise Laundry providers all throughout the South. We can even get you individual commercial laundry parts and all the necessary supplies that you need to keep your business running on all cylinders. We can even install & maintain those parts & supplies for you.

Get your Commercial Laundry Equipment from SAMCO – Financing Available!

SAMCO can provide any Commercial Laundry Equipment, parts, or supplies you need. Whether you need entire commercial laundry systems, individual new washers & dryers, commercial finishers and other specialty equipment, laundromat supplies, replacement laundry parts, or anything else in the scope of industrial laundry equipment, we’ve got you covered, 100%!

  • Complete Laundry Systems
  • Coin-Operated Laundry Machines
  • Automatic Start Commercial Laundry
  • Smart Interface Commercial Laundry
  • Commercial Washing Machines
  • Commercial Extractors
  • Batch Tunnel Washers
  • High-Efficiency Commercial Laundry
  • Commercial Dryers
  • Commercial Stack Dryers
  • Commercial Washers & Dryers
  • Commercial Laundry Finishers
  • Commercial Laundry Leases (OPL)
  • Credit/Debit and Smartcard Payment Systems
  • Commercial Laundry Parts (any make or model)
  • Commercial Washer Parts
  • Commercial Dryer Parts
  • Commercial Stack Dryers
  • Commercial Laundry Supplies
  • Commercial Soap Kits
  • Coin Laundry Accessories
  • Bulkheads for Commercial Washers
  • Laundromat Supplies & Accessories
  • Detergent Vending Machines
  • Change & Token Makers
  • Laundromat Carts
  • Commercial Water Heating Systems