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OPL Lease Program

OPL Leasing Washer and Dryer. Equip your hotel, nursing home, day spa, school, dry cleaner, vet clinic, university, business, government facility, military base, prison, or other facility with a new 60 pound 200G washer and 75 pound reversing dryer with moisture sensing for only $10 per day including all maintenance and service.

Introducing the SAMCO OPL Lease program!

OPL-Lease-Image.jpgFor just $10 a day you can have a 60 pound 200g washer and a 75 pound reversing dryer in your Hotel, Nursing Home, Day Spa, School, University, Military Base, Government Facility or any other location.  This includes all maintenance and service so you never have to worry about extra costs or unexpected downtime as our trained service professionals will be on call to ensure your equipment is always up and running.

Call us today at 1-800-969-SOAP (7627) or 770-892-0098 or email us at sales@southernautomatic.com for more information.