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Coin Laundry Conversion Kits

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    Don’t be left behind! Now is the Time!

    Technology is changing, and it has been for a very long time. The recent Coin Shortage has only increased awareness that Coin-Only Laundry Machines may soon be obsolete.

    If you own or operate a laundromat or on-site laundry facility that is overflowing with coin-operated washers and dryers, hope is on the way! SAMCO and SpyderWash have teamed up to offer you a limited time, turnkey solution to your problems.

    You can have an entire fleet of SpyderWash EMV hybrid payment systems installed on your laundry equipment for half the price, and for hardly any of the effort! There has never been a more versatile payment handling system in the commercial laundry industry than the SpyderWash EMV. The long-term success of your facility is tied to many things. But if you can automatically take multiple forms of payment, you are setting yourself up for your greatest opportunity at long-term sustainability.

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    What’s So Special About SpyderWash?

    With this once-in-a-lifetime deal from SAMCO (70+ years in Commercial Laundry) and SpyderWash (50+ years in payment technology), you will have operational flexibility like you’ve never had before. The SpyderWash payment system is remarkable from the ground up. We guarantee you’ll be impressed by features like:

    • Credit/Debit Card Acceptance
    • Remote Capabilities
    • 2.8 Inch Color Display Panel
    • Multi-Vend Support
    • Contactless Payment Acceptance
    • Smart Hub Compatibility
    • Customer Loyalty Programs
    • Modular Design
    • Contactless RFID Card Acceptance
    • Customizable to Fit Your Needs
    • Complete Money Management
    • Zero Residual Impact on Equipment
    • Takes All Major Credit Cards
    • Mag Stripe Card Acceptance
    • NFC Mobile Wallet Acceptance
    • Serial Interface Compatibility
    • Credit/Debit Card Loyalty Programs
    • EMV Chip Insert Capability
    • Ability to Maintain Coin Acceptance
    • User-Friendly Interace
    • Usable with SpyderWash App
    • Apply Pay. Google Pay. Samsung Pay
    • Free Wash Incentive Programs
    • Easily Accessible Reports
    • Guaranteed Low Processing Rate
    • Coin Box Monitor Alerts

    SpyderWash EMV Payment Systems are compatible with any make or model of operational Commercial Laundry Equipment. SAMCO has 70+ years of Commercial Laundry experience, with experts dedicated to completing SpyderWash conversions quickly, effectively, and efficiently. The price for the conversion kits and the flawless installation is totally unbeatable. What more could you want?

    Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

    Everyone is on their smartphones these days. Make it work for your business.

    When you’ve got a coin-operated laundry facility, you know the importance of making things easy and convenient for your customers. As we move more towards an increasingly digital world, cash payment options for automated machinery are becoming far less convenient than 20, 10, or even 5 years ago.

    You know that your patrons love the convenience of having multiple payment options, but did you know that people are more likely to buy upgrades when they’re using cashless options? Converting your cash-only laundry equipment to an interface payment system is not only a good idea, it’s becoming an essential part of extending the life of your business.

    SAMCO – Digital Conversion Kit Installation

    For a limited time, SAMCO and SpyderWash are offering our most highly-valued clients a turnkey solution for their coin-operated commercial laundry equipment. We can convert your entire fleet, top to bottom, into customer-ready machines that accept nearly any payment option available.

    This offer is more than just a wise financial investment for your laundromat or on-site laundry facility. Getting a new SpyderWash EMV installed on all your equipment will give you the flexibility and function you’ve been looking for, and will set you up for increased intake, broader profit margins, and higher total sustainability for years to come.

    Still Here for All Your Commercial Laundry Needs

    You might think that after 70 years of top-level service to our clients throughout the Southeastern United States, we might be ready for a break. But SAMCO is more primed and ready than ever to help your laundromat or on-site laundry with anything you might need.

    From repairs to new equipment to total laundromat renovations, we’re in your corner. Call or contact us today!