Real Estate

At SAMCO, we pride ourselves on quality and honesty. We don’t claim to list more laundromats than anyone, because we don’t want to list more. We don’t claim to sell more stores, because we don’t want to sell more. We are proud to say that when we list a store for sale, we have done our homework. We know what the true numbers are, we know what the fair market value is, and we set both buyer and seller expectations accordingly. You won’t find any “pie-in-the-sky” listings here. We will be happy to explain how any listing price was calculated. And while we work diligently to move all stores listed with us, you won’t find us telling you any tall tales about performance.

If you would like to talk to us about possibly listing your store, or if you are in need of a buyer’s agent to help you navigate the purchase process, contact us at 1-800-969-7627 to set up a meeting.

Are you already working with another broker? SAMCO offers second opinion analyses at minimal cost based on store location. Whether you’re buying or selling, SAMCO’s professionals can take the worry out of the buying and selling process.