New Store Development

What to expect when working with SAMCO

Our philosophy when building new Laundromats is to take every possible step to ensure that our customers end up with the most profitable store possible. Following our sales process helps prevent costly mistakes.

  1. Site selection/analysis – As with any retail business, location is key. SAMCO can either help you find a prime location to build or perform an analysis on a space you’ve scouted out for yourself.
  2. Demographic Analysis – This analysis is one of the key tools used to evaluate the revenue potential for new Laundromats. Our years of experience in studying demographics allows us to accurately estimate potential for self-serve business.
  3. Competitive Analysis – It is exceedingly rare to find a location with no competition; being able to evaluate existing competitive stores and the potential for future competition is key to the long-term success of any Laundromat.
  4. Equipment Mix and Layout – With equipment capacities ranging from 10 – 100 pounds, figuring out which capacities to purchase and in which quantities can be a daunting task. Our experience makes this a much easier process, and with both 2 & 3-dimensional drawings you can see your finished Laundromat before you even begin construction.
  5. Pro Forma Financial Analysis – While there is no way to guarantee store performance, a Pro Forma can help set reasonable expectations for profitability (gross & net), and identify critical break-even targets.
  6. Financing Assistance – While SAMCO does not offer in-house financing, we work closely with some of the most experienced lenders in the Laundromat industry. These relationships allow us to walk you through the finance process from start to finish.